Redefining Handbags, Clutches & Potlis

Handbags, clutches & potlis

Redefining the realms of handbags, clutches & potlis

Handbags: the one thing that is the key to any outfit, not only because there are so many to choose from, but also that these bags (whether they are totes, clutches, potlis or cross-body bags) are absolutely essential for a woman. Even though a lot of designers are incorporating pockets into dresses and lehengas these days, one cannot fathom walking around with a pocket full of things on your wedding day, or even at a party! It is a complete faux-pas and unsightly to look at. And what were to happen if you decide to wear a white kurti for your friend’s sangeet, only to have smashed your red lipstick all over your pristine dress while dancing? This is why a handbag is indispensable. It saves you from carrying around your essentials, anything from makeup (for touch-ups) to your cell phone (how else will you take that flawless selfie?), in your hands or your pockets, and frees you up.

There are various handbags that you can opt for depending upon the occasion. However, it is imperative that you match your handbag to the occasion. An office tote would stick out like a sore thumb at your cousin’s reception and you do not want your colleagues to be blinded by a fantastic clutch. Read on to know what kind of handbag you should pair with certain occasions and outfits.


Clutch – A fabulous companion for a fabulous cocktail party.

Clutches are an all-time favorite when it comes to cocktail receptions or social mixers, especially if your invite says it’s a black-tie event. They are sleek and make for a perfect companion if you plan on wearing a gorgeous evening gown. Clutches complement the Indo-Western look with grace and finesse. They have the perfect amount of bling, yet are subtle enough for a formal event. An envelope clutch will also hold all your essentials, such as a lipstick or a hairpin, should you ever require them.


Potli – A cute ally for traditional festivities.

When dressing for a festival, everyone likes to respectful. An enchanting anarkali or a churidar kurta will stand out in a good way, but pairing a bag with this attire can be a tad bit difficult. This is where potli bags come in. They are absolutely ideal for such instances. They are just the right size, so your outfit doesn’t get subdued, as they are adorable and artful.

Tote – A professional bag for a successful day.

While redefining the realm of handbags, it is wholly important to mention tote bags. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work, to the bank, or if you’re headed for a meeting,  having a bag that caters to all your office needs (and looks professional) is important. You may want to invest in a sturdy leather bag, that will go a long way as an everyday bag so that you can always depend on it. Make sure your tote bag has enough pockets to hold your laptop or books in place, along with other knick-knacks. A structured day tote bag would best for such days.  


When it comes to handbags, it pays to remember what event you’re headed to. Always keep your ensemble in mind while picking out a bag and you’ll surely turn heads wherever you go.

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