About Us

Diwaah was formed in 2016 with an idea of creating unique, distinct and pioneering designs in apparel and accessories for the Women, Men & Kids Categories. We Encounter WIDE CATEGORY RANGE of FASHION BAGS, BELTS, JACKETS AND OTHER ACCESSORIES.

We believe that to be fashionable and stylish, we never need to be cruel and barbaric to the animals. And hence, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind VEGAN products keeping you ahead in the world of fashion..!!


It's never acceptable to kill animals to fulfill our fashion and styling desires, Inhumanity can never be considered hot, stylish, or trendy. We believe in loving, caring, and saving all the lovely animals who can't even speak out their pains and sufferings when they face cruelty. We provide our customers with the best products without being cruel, as even you also won't like to wear animal skins.

Diwaah Exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.


We extract INSPIRATION from INTERNATIONAL RUNWAYS / FORECASTING AGENCY / FREELANCE DESIGNERS to create range covering SS-AW Season. We follow and ensure ETHICAL SOURCING in all the business operations.