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About Us

In the heart of India lies a treasure trove of exquisite craftsmanship and artistic heritage that has inspired designers for generations. At Diwaah, we have sought to capture the very essence of this treasure, bottle up its magic, and infuse it with each and every one of our creations.

We endeavor to breathe life into every piece we create, as each item is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. Our ateliers hum with a symphony of creativity, where every stitch, every bead, and every embellishment is carefully curated to create a masterpiece.

Our Mission
Our mission goes beyond creating beautiful fashion pieces. It is driven by a purpose – to uplift and empower the artisans of India. By collaborating with skilled craftsmen from various regions, Diwaah generates employment opportunities, enabling these talented individuals to showcase their skills and preserve their cultural heritage. With every creation, Diwaah is writing a story of hope and transformation, one artisan at a time.

Accessible to all
Diwaah stands out by bridging a market void with its collection of embellished jackets that are not only exquisite but also affordable. We believe that luxury should be accessible to all, and hence, we’re on a mission to redefine the notion of exclusivity. By merging opulence with affordability, Diwaah becomes a harbinger of change, making fashion dreams come true for those who dare to embrace their inner diva.

By choosing Diwaah's creations, you not only choose the captivating essence of Indian craftsmanship but also join a thriving movement – a movement that celebrates the artisans, elevates their artistry, and transforms lives. Diwaah's story is a testament to the magic that happens when creativity and compassion intertwine, forging a brand that isn't just a fashion label but a beacon of empowerment and inclusivity.
As Diwaah continues to craft its extraordinary narrative, weaving dreams, and empowering lives, it invites everyone to embark on a journey where fashion becomes a language that speaks to the soul.